The Alliance has focused on executing quick wins around three areas- Innovation, Public-Private Partnerships and Impact Investments

Nigeria’s mixed health care system is characterized by sub-optimal maternal and child health (MCH) outcomes, poor quality of health services, lack of protection from financial risk with persistent communicable diseases and rising non communicable diseases – largely due to lifestyle changes. This translates to approximately one million women and children dying every year in Nigeria from largely preventable diseases such as malaria, childhood pneumonia, diarrheal diseases and malnutrition that accounts for more than 50 percent of under-five mortality rate in Africa’s most populous country.  


The four priority levers of the private sector health alliance 

Private Sector Engagement

The vibrant and fast growing private corporate sector in Nigeria has the capacity, influence, resources and techniques the health system could benefit from (e.g. technology, supply chain, marketing etc). The Private health sector, across the health value chain, has a broad reach and accounts for at least 60% of healthcare service provision

Impact investment

The private sector can be an important vehicle in pooling resources to facilitate impact investments in critical segments of the health sector that benefit the underserved


Private sector intervention in the health sector has been fragmented to date; unique opportunity to coordinate & pool influence, assets, and resources to achieve impact at scale


Limited application of innovation and technology in healthcare delivery has led to missed opportunities in revolutionizing healthcare delivery in Nigeria


In line with the Government’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) priorities as well as the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Alliance refreshed its mandate to complement Government’s efforts in accelerating progress in women, adolescent and child health in four programmatic areas:

  • Expand basic services through strengthening Primary Health Care and providing integrated care at the frontlines
  • Encourage healthy living and good quality of life by emphasizing prevention of disease
  •  Improve the quality of care provided to Nigerians in health facilities through improved Clinical Governance
  • Engage the private sector to strengthen primary healthcare systems, save lives and unlock the health market potential.